Wednesday, July 28, 2010

blogging from seattle

woo hoo! go me! blogging from seattle. although, I have no photos to post, so that will have to wait.
but we are having a good time, jack is doing really well - except that he's on a pooping spree & we purchased a generic brand of diapers when we got here so we have had a few leaks. no worries - I got some huggies yesterday. phew!
heading to do a little shopping today - our last day here.
we did some sightseeing stuff monday, yesterday we took the ferry to bainbridge island, so today is shopping! and I'm not usually much of a shopper, but there are some nice stores around here (and they're all close) that I don't normally get to go to - i.e. lululemon!! wonder if I should mosey into gucci... ;)
I'm a little bummed - we were going to head to a town called woodinville to tour the red hook brewery & two wineries. we found out last night that the cab ride would be atrocious & if we rented a town car, it would cost $55-60 ONE WAY. so we decided to nix that trip. :( guess we'll save the brewery & winery tours for a different trip.
that's all for now - will post pics later!


  1. I'm sad hearing about all the fun stuff I was supposed to get to do too... :( Oh well, hopefully next time! Glad you're home safe and sound!

  2. definitely next time pis!! love you!